No Paypal available in your country? Do not worry, we also accept payment through Western Union Wire transfer. The steps are very easy and explained bellow....


1: Choose the system or product you would like to purchase.


2: Contact us at and put Western Union Wire Transfer In the subject line.


3: Let us know what you are looking to purchase and send us all of your shipping information including Name and a contact phone number.


4: We will send you over a total price for your order slong with the information you need to complete your Western Union Wire transfer.


Once we collect you wire transfer for the total amount owed for the order placed, your order will be processed and shipped out to you right away. We will then send you a tracking number for your order.


​We fully understand how frustrating it can be to want to purchase something online using Paypal when they do not provide transaction services to the country you reside in. This is why we provide payment terms through Western Union as well.

Western Union Wire Transfers