P.K.E. Keyless Push Button Start Systems


Proximity sensing keyless entry+keyless push button start system

The PKE-172-RFID is a simple proximity sensing keyless entry. keyless push button start system that has all the basic options at an affordable price. The system comes with a backup digital key pad that can be used to access and start the vehicle in an emergency or if your smart fob is not present and a hide-a-key compartment in the smart fob. What are you waiting for? Grab your PKE-172-RFID now and lose your keys for good!

***Note*** This system does not have a dedicated immobilizer bypass module activation wire. The install shop you choose to do your install will have to install a relay setup to activate a bypass module if one is required for your vehicle.

Main Function:

1. Passive Keyless entry, lock/unlock the car automatically by only approach/leave the proximity of the car. within about 2 meters.
2. Remote keyless entry, lock/unlock the car by press the button on the smart fob.
3. Able/disable the passive keyless function.
4. Immobilizer function, will not allow to start the engine without the smart key
5. Vehicle security system
6. Trunk Pop
7. Remote Start

Whats in the box?
1. Smart keys 2 pcs
2. Engine start button 1 pc
3. Digital key pad 1 pc
4. Main Unit 1 pc
5. Wiring Harnesses
6. Installation diagram 1 pc
7. User's manual 1 pc

System Specs

​Technology: RFID

Encryption: Hopping Code
ID Check: Double Side
Voltage: DC 12V
Function: Passive Keyless Entry
Passive Control Distance: 2 meters
Frequency (MHZ): 433Mhz
Remote Control: Black
Battery life of smart fob: one year
Thickness of smart fob: 6.5mm
Warranty: one year


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Start Button
Start Button

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Backup Key Pad
Backup Key Pad

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Remote Start

Trunk Pop

Auto Windows

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Advantages & Features:
1. 3D antenna professional design for UHF/LF
2. Automotive qualified connectors, cables and chips
3. Super low-power design
4. RFID anti-collision tech
5. FHSS high security
6. Over loading protection
7. High power (current) drivable
8. Dual MCU controller
9. Can-Bus technology
10. Emergency entry and start policy

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