Smart Start Systems

Proximity sensing keyless entry+keyless push button start system+ Smart Start+GPS


The PKE-100 CAN-BUS system + V2 Smart/GPS System is a must have for any auto enthusiast. Make locking, unlocking and even starting your care hassle free. Never fumble for your key fob or car keys again, simply walk up to your vehicle and let the system take over. It will unlock the doors for you automatically, all you have to do from there is get in push the start button and drive away. Once you reach your destination, simply press the start button again to shut the vehicle off, exit the vehicle, leave proximity of your vehicle and the system will lock your doors for you. This system also has GSM & GPS features so you can track your vehicle, lock, unlock & even remote start all from the convenience of your smart phone .Get all the features you love from our PKE-100 CB system with the added convenience and dependability of the V2 SMART/GPS system from one simple package and at a bundle discount price.What are you waiting for? Grab your PKE-100 CAN-BUS + V2 SMART/GPS now and lose your keys for good but never lose your car again!

Main Function:

1. Proximity Sensing Keyless Entry

2. Push Start/Stop Engine

3. Remote Start/Stop Engine
4. Anti-hijacking supported
5. Starter Kill (Disconnect immobilizer or fuel circuit)
6. GPS Tracking
7. GSM Technology (Smart Start)
8. In Cab Mic for listening to in cab conversation

9. Auto Power Windows

Whats in the box?

1. GPS Tracker Unit 1pc
2. GPS Tracker Cable 1pc
3. Push Start Unit 1pc
4. Push Start Cable 1pc
5. Communication Cable 1pc
6. Start button 1pc
7. Start cable 1pc
8. GPS Antenna 1pc
9. GSM Antenna 1pc
10. SOS Button 1 pc
11. MIC 1pc

System Specs

Working voltage: DC 9V-16V
Main unit static current: < 10mA
Frequency Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPS Accuracy: < 10M
Working temperature: -40℃ – 105℃
Working humidity:

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Remote Start

Auto Windows

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Advantages & Features:
* 3D antenna professional design for UHF/LF
* Automotive qualified connectors, cables and chips
* Super low-power design
* RFID anti-collision tech
* FHSS high security
* Dual MCU controller
* Adapting with original Electricity or Can-Bus
* High precision location
* Triple management (SMS/WEB/APP)
* Cloud-Connected

Specifications & Functions:

Interior Voice Monitoring                                                      

Push Start/Stop Engine                                                       

Remote Start/Stop Engine                                                   

Anti-hijacking supported*According to car’s


Starter Kill*Disconnect immobilizer or fuel circuit                   

SMS Management: 
Lock / Unlock Door             


Remote Start/Stop Engine   

Search Car                         

Coordinate Report              

A-GPS Feedback   

Location Feedback (street)

ACC Trigger Alarm Supported

Unlock Trigger Alarm Supported

Power disconnection Alarm

GPS Removal Alarm

GPS Short Circuit Alarm

Battery Low Voltage Alarm

Send SOS

Care Reminder

Disconnect Fuel Circuit

Web Management: 

Real-Time Tracking

History Path Query

Various Reports & Summaries

Various Alarms & Reminders

Disconnect Fuel Circuit

Manage your car(s) at Car Secretary™ Online

App Management: 
Lock / Unlock Door

Remote Start/Stop Engine

Search Car

Set Security (SMS/Push Response)

Disconnect Fuel Circuit

Real-Time Tracking

Vehicle Status Query