Keyless Push Button Start Systems


Vehicle specific, proximity sensing keyless entry+keyless push button start system-"CAN-BUS"


Install just got a little easier with the PKE-100-CB system. The PKE-100-CB is designed to be installed in many vehicle models built by the top manufactures to date (Please check vehicle application list below for your make and model before ordering). With technology only making installs harder and more time consuming the PKE-100-CB is designed to take some of the hardship out of installing a system of this type in your newer Can-Bus equipped vehicle being manufactured today. The PKE-100-CB comes with a specialized harness for connecting into your vehicles OBD port located in the cab of your vehicle, this makes connecting to functions like the power windows and power door locks a breeze. With our selection of specialized push start buttons,  vehicle specific panels and vehicle specific harnesses we are sure to have a little something to fit everyone's needs. What are you waiting for? Grab your PKE-100-CB now and lose your keys for good!

Main Function:

1. Passive Keyless Lock/Unlock Functions
2. Remote Lock/Unlock
3. Push Start/Stop Engine
4. Remote Start/Stop Engine
5. Anti-hijacking
6. Search Car
7. Low Battery Warning
8. Saving Power Mode
9. Morse Decoder Unlock and Start Engine (optional)
10. Auto Window-Up (Changes according to car’s specifications; realized by relays)
* Window Closer (optional) is recommended to replace relays for less installation labor.​

Whats in the box?

1. Main unit 1pc
2. Main cable 1pc
3. Start controller 1pc
4. Start cable 1pc
5. Start button 1pc
6. Communication cable 1pc
7. Smart key 2pcs
8. Antenna 2pcs
9. Diode 4pcs
10. Relay 3pcs
11. Morse decoder 1pc(option)
12. Bypass module 1pc(option)
13. Key accessories kit 1pc
 *Including blank key, keyhole

   cover, key pin (option)

System Specs

Main unit parameter:
Working voltage: DC 9V-16V
Main unit static current: < 6mA
Smart key response distance: 2.0M < distance < 2.5M
UHF frequency: 315MHz / 433.92MHz
LF frequency: 25KHz
Max. control current: 30A
Remote distance: Open space > 40M
Working temperature: -40℃ – 105℃
Working humidity: < 95%
Remote key parameter:
Working voltage:
DC 2.1V-3.6V
Static current:
< 10μA
Working  frequency:
25KHz / 433.92MHz
Battery model:
Working temperature:
-25℃ – 80℃
Working humidity:
< 95%
Battery life: > 16 months (average)

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Advantages & Features:
* 3D antenna professional design for UHF/LF
* Automotive qualified connectors, cables and chips
* Super low-power design
* RFID anti-collision tech
* FHSS high security
* Over loading protection
* High power (current) drivable
* Dual MCU controller
* Can-Bus technology
* Emergency entry and start policy

Remote Start

Trunk Pop

Auto Windows

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