Stand Alone RFID Keyless Push Button Start Systems


Stand alone RFID keyless push button start system

The PBS-1000-RFID is a stand alone keyless push button start system. This system comes with two RFID key tags that will have to be swiped over the receiving antenna before the vehicle can be started using the push button start.Once you have swiped the RFID key tag over the receiving antenna of the system, the push button start will be active for 30 seconds. Once you reach you destination simply shut the vehicle off using the push start button, 30 seconds after the vehicle is shut down the system will deactivate the start button not allowing the vehicle to be started until the owner returns and swipes the RFID key tag over receiving antenna. This system can be installed in conjunction with a factory or aftermarket security system.What are you waiting for? Grab your PBS-1000-RFID now and lose your keys for good!  ***Note*** This system does not have a dedicated immobilizer bypass module activation wire. The install shop you choose to do your install will have to install a relay setup to activate a bypass module if one is required for your vehicle.​

Main Function:

1. Keyless bush button start
2. Immobilizer function, will not allow the engine to start without first using the RFID Key tag
3. Passive arming (arms automatically after 30 seconds)
4. Anti-scan, anti-grab code system

Whats in the box?
1. RFID key tags 2 pcs
2. Engine start button 1 pc
3. Main Unit 1 pc
5. Wiring Harnesses
6. Manuals & Diagrams

System Specs

​working voltage: DC10V-16V

working current of mainframe:10mA±2mA
frequency of transmitter:125KHz
working temperature of mainframe:-30~+65
maximum working current: 40A

RFID-1000-PBS 600 x 400 NEW.png
RFID-1000-PBS 600 x 400 NEW.png

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RFID-1000-PBS 600 x 400 NEW.png
RFID-1000-PBS 600 x 400 NEW.png

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