You got questions, we got the answers...

Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions we get and the answers to those questions. If you do not find the answers to your questions on this page, please feel free to contact us with your question and we will get it answered right away.

Does installing a system of this nature make my car more vulnerable to theft?

​No, actually it is exactly the opposite. Most of the systems we sell are also full vehicle security systems, if they are not then they at least have an immobilizer built into the system that will either work in conjunction with your factory alarm system or off of RFID technology.

My vehicle has a steering column lock, how do I get around that?

That is a very good question and one that we get a lot. The answer to that question is a long one so try and bear with me... 

Using the cut key left in ignition method:

Disengaging the steering column lock really depends on the vehicle.  A vehicle with a factory equipped immobilizer system has a chip in the head of the key which when starting the vehicle will send a signal to the immobilizer receiving antenna in the vehicle telling the ECM to allow the car to start. If the ECM does not see this signal when trying to start, it will not allow the engine to fire up. To disengage the steering column lock on a vehicle like this you will simply cut the head of the key which contains the chip off, placing it in an immobilizer bypass unit. The other end of the cut key will then be placed in the key cylinder and turned to the Acc position just before ON, this will allow the steering column lock to be disengaged and since there is no longer a chip attached to the key it is now a dead key and will no longer start the vehicle. You will then hide the immobilizer bypass module somewhere safe when installing the rest of the security system. This bypass module will send  the signal from the chipped end of the key to the ECM when you press the start button to start the vehicle, all other times your immobilizer will be fully operational and without the smart fob in proximity of the vehicle it can't be started.

No cut key left in ignition method:

Now for the second method of install, this is usually done on vehicles that are not equipped with a factory immobilizer system (This method can also be done to immobilizer equipped vehicles). You will either have to remove the steering column lock or the ignition cylinder and replace it with the push button. Removing the key cylinder in most cars is not that difficult of a task to accomplish. Everything about the system will wire up the same from there, since this type of install is done mostly on non-immobilizer equipped vehicles you do not have to use the bypass module or have to cut one of your ignition keys. If you use this method on a immobilizer equipped vehicle you will still have to use an immobilizer bypass module.

My vehicle is equipped with a factory immobilizer system, can I still install one of your systems on my vehicle?


Yes, you can. Most newer vehicles on the road today are equipped with a factory immobilizer system. Installers and shops have been dealing with them for years now, anytime they need to install a simple remote start system on a newer vehicle they have to deal with the factory immobilizer. The solution is an immobilizer bypass module, not all vehicles will use the same bypass module so be sure to check if the bypass you are purchasing is compatible with your vehicle. An immobilizer bypass module will either use the chip in the head of your existing ignition key to send the signal to the immobilizer system in your vehicle when it is time to start, letting the immobilizer system know you are the owner and it is safe to start. The other type of immobilizer bypass allows the user/installer to download all of the information needed to start the vehicle directly to the immobilizer bypass module. Immobilizer bypass modules do not disable you factory immobilizer what so ever, they simply send the signal need to start the vehicle only when using your remote start or the push button start in the vehicle.

Are all the systems you sell universal or do I have to find one for my specific year, make & model?

Most of the systems we sell are universal system, with the exception of our Can-Bus & dedicated systems. All Can-Bus & dedicated systems are vehicle specific. If you have any questions on the compatibility of any system we carry with your particular vehicle, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you out.

Is there any kind of a fee involved with one of your smart start system?

There is no platform fee associated with using one of our smart start systems. The only fees that will be involved are the fees your cell provider charges for monthly service or pre paid service on the SIM card you must purchase and use for the smart start feature to work. 

Do you charge for shipping?

​Yes and no, it really depends on what you are purchasing and where you are located. All of our systems are shipped for free, world wide (Some restrictions do apply). Certain countries have stricter custom inspections and laws, in a case like this we will have to use a different shipping company then the one we usually. Sometimes this incurs a high shipping cost then usual or a longer shipping ETA. This is very rare but if this is the case with your order we will contact you before processing your order.  We ship all small accessory purchases  (Start Buttons, Smart Keys, Bypass Modules, Backup Entry Modules ECT.) for free as long as they are purchased and shipped with a system. If you would like to place an order for an accessory item without purchasing a system, please contact us first as there will be a shipping fee added to your order. Shipping fees vary depending on your location and the shipping service used.