Below you will find a small sample of our customer reviews. We will come through periodicity and add more reviews as we get them. If you have purchased a system from us in the past or had an experience with our company you would like to share, please send us an email, we would love to hear about it.

Customer Reviews

PE501P System

"Fast Shipping, works awesome, couldn't have asked for better customer service!" 

Buyer: Awaken131

PE501P System

"Great Buy A+++++"  

Buyer: Phillip310

PE501P System

"Super Fast Shipping, thanks!"  

Buyer: J. DUB

PE501P System

"Thanks...quick shipping...will do business again!!"  Buyer: M. Fawbush

PE501P System

"Ridiculously fast shipping, thanks!"

Buyer: J. Rocker

LT-E8B System

"Nice product!"

Buyer: Rafael R.

LT-E8B System


Buyer: Recon B

PE501P System

"Quick service!"

Buyer: Wayne M.

M1090 System

"Very cooperative and a great product!"

Buyer: B. Calsing.

GSM-688-RFID System

"Thank you for all the help, Sean! Innovative Ignition Systems is a great company to do business with, I highly recommend them!"

Buyer: Rick M.

LT-E8B System

"Outstanding customer service, all my questions were answered right away. It was a pleasure doing business with you!"

Buyer: Jeff K.

LT-E8B System

"I love my new keyless ignition system! Thank you again for helping me choose the right system for my car. Innovative Ignition Systems is awesome!"

Buyer: Marcus L.

LT-E8B System

"Keys....Who needs keys? I am so amazed by my new system and the level of customer service I was given when purchasing from Innovative Ignition Systems. Sean helped me every step of the way, thank you!"

Buyer: Nick S.

GSM-688-RFID System

"I recently purchased the GSM-688-RFID system for my 2003 Corvette. I liked the new keyless push button start that all the newer vehicles where coming out with so I did a little research online and came across your website as well as a few others. I must say your company was by far the most knowledgeable when it came to these systems and the price was the best I had come across for a system like this. Thank you for the pleasurable buying experience.

Buyer: Randy S.

​PKE-100-V1 System

"Just got done installing the PKE-100-V1 in a customers 2005 Mustang. The system is great, it does everything stated and the install was no different then a normal keyless entry install. Customer service was top notch, our shop will definitely be ordering from you again.

Buyer: Vibrations Mobile Installation

​LT-E8B System

"Outstanding customer service, unbelievably fast shipping! All of my questions were answered right away. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Buyer: Rodger C.

​LT-E8B System

"Just wanted to let you know Sean is awesome, I purchased a system from your company and needed a little help during install. I emailed your company and was immediately contacted by Sean who helped me out a lot. With his help I was able to complete the install that day and was out showing off my new keyless motorcycle ignition system to all my friends. Thank you very much Innovative Ignition Systems!"

Buyer: Jesse H.


"Purchased and installed your Smart Start V2 system and I must say this thing is sweet! Love the Smart Phone App, it is so easy to use. Just pull my phone out and with a touch of a button I have my car remote started and cooling down. The GPS function works great as well now I always have an eye on my vehicle, no matter where it is"

Buyer: Greg C.

​PKE-100-CB System

"Just got my PKE-100-CB delivered to me and I have got to let you guys know, after opening the box I was shocked at the quality of the system. The price was super low compared to other options out there so I figured the quality must not be as good, boy was I wrong"

Buyer: Jake B. 

Ultra Slim LT OBD Can-Bus Window Closer

"I purchased the Ultra Slim LT OBD Can-Bus Window Closer from your company for my Malibu. This little module is very impressive, all I had to do was plug it into my OBD plug and it automatically started working. Now when I lock my doors the windows roll up on their own, I never have to worry about leaving a window down on accident. Thanks guys!"

Buyer: Antwon E.