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Universal, Biometric Ignition System (Fingerprint Security)


Most people never think twice about the security of their vehicle when it is parked some place they feel is secure, like the garage. Most of us also have a spare set of keys to that car just hanging around the house somewhere. What would happen if you were away from home without your vehicle and a thief were to break into your house. A lot of times the thief will take the vehicle as well as whatever will fit in it at the time if they were able to find the keys while they were tearing your house apart. Worry no more, the Bio-800 can protect your vehicle even if the thieves have the keys to it. The Bio-800 will not allow the vehicle to start unless it recognizes one of up to 30 programmable fingerprints that can be stored in this system. Get your Bio-800 system today and secure your vehicle with the latest state of the art fingerprint ignition/security system. Note: This is not a keyless ignition system, an ignition key is still required when using this system. You will need to turn the ignition key to the ON position, then scan your finger print, once the system checks and recognizes your finger print it will automatically start your vehicle from there.

Main Function:

1. Fingerprint recognition, vehicle immobilizer

2. Fingerprint Start

Whats in the box?

1. Main unit 1pc
2. Main cable 1pc
3. Fingerprint scanner 1pc


BIO-800 Scanner
BIO-800 Scanner

BIO-800 Install Pics
BIO-800 Install Pics

BIO-800 Scanner Installed
BIO-800 Scanner Installed

BIO-800 Scanner
BIO-800 Scanner


Fingerprint Scan

Vehicle Immobilizer

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Universal System

Advantages & Features:
*Most advanced live fingerprint identification technology
*30 fingerprints templates
*Infrared management keyboard