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With the new year of course comes new systems with new designs & new features. Here at Innovative Ignition Systems we are always on the look out for the next hot system to leave the manufacturing floor. I have to say 2019 brings some long awaited systems that will make install a breeze and make locking/unlocking, starting and finding your vehicle as simple as turning on your smart phone.  

 New 2019 system line up is here

 Vehicle Specific System Now Available

We now carry a full line of dedicated or vehicle specific systems for you to choose from. These dedicated packages are designed specifically for your model vehicle and include a plug and play ignition wiring harness to make installer even simpler. If you do not see your specific vehicle model check back often as we are adding new dedicated systems as they come in. Vehicle specific system listings can be found on each systems main page, if they are available. Please click here for an example on how to locate the vehicle specific system listing for each model system.

 Smart Start Systems now available

GSM technology has been around for a while now and has even been incorporated into vehicle security/remote smart start systems for the past few years. 2016 brings a whole new design in smart start systems, not only do you have the ability to start, unlock and lock your vehicle using your smart phone but you will also have the added convenience of proximity sensing door locks, keyless push button start as well as GPS tracking.

​Eavesdrop on whoever is driving your vehicle, anytime anywhere

Ever sent your teenager out with your vehicle for the night an wished you had an extra way to watch over them without being there. Now you can with our latest line up of GSM (smart start) systems, you will have the ability to track there every move on GPS as well as listen in on what is going on inside the vehicle at any time and anywhere using your smart phone. To eavesdrop on the cabin of the vehicle simply dial the number assigned to the SIM card that is installed in the main unit of your smart start system.The system will discreetly answer the call and turn on the mic attached to the system so you can hear everything going on in your vehicle.

Biometric Systems
Smart Start Systems
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